Natural or Man-Made


You’ve no doubt heard the term Natural vs. Man-Made. In this world that we inhabit we encounter both. Depending on your outlook you may have assigned a hierarchy to the concepts of natural and man-made, like I did. I know I tend to give “natural” a higher station in my thinking than “man-made”. If something is natural, it is better for you than something that is man-made.

But here’s my question when it comes to how natural and man-made things juxtapose with creativity:

Which are you? Natural or Man-Made?

I believe in Magic and consider all acts of creativity to be EXTREMELY magical. So let’s pause for a moment and consider, if you will, the Shaman and his or her profession. The Shaman is the fulcrum (or center balancing point) between the Natural world and the Supernatural world. They hold an interesting position in that respect, able to enter and hold influence over either side.

I think we can agree that we human beings are both Natural and Man-Made, that said, we occupy a similar balance point between the man-made world and the natural world. We have the power to enter and hold influence over either side. That gives us an incredible, nay, magical power to create! Some of the funnest projects I have worked on are those that juxtapose man-made with natural objects.

Take the piece I created called Industry Meets Nature for example:


Which, interestingly enough glows in the dark!


(Man-Made) Lawn Mower Exhaust Cover, Lens, Inlaid Resin with Glow-In-The-Dark Pigment Powder, Copper (?), Portion of Brass Urn

(Natural) Dogwood, Labradorite, Black Lava Rock


Now here’s my final question: how did anything ever became man-made and not natural?

We live on the planet earth and everything that comes from the earth is natural, right? All of the many natural resources on our planet are the resources we use to make… well, everything.

All of the minerals we use to make metal, all of the silica we use to make glass, all of the fossil fuels we use to make plastic, and all the chemicals we have ever come up with are combinations of chemicals that come from the earth. I’m fairly certain of this since we haven’t opened any distribution centers with shipping lanes to other planets. We don’t order stuff from aliens, so far.

So how and why do we differentiate between Man-Made and Natural? I’m just curious. It fascinates me when lines blur and opposites collide.


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