In the interest of getting to know who I am, I’m sharing stories from my life. I call them Preliminary Files and I hope you enjoy them.

I made it to age four without a mother. Just a working dad and his little sister, Aunt Bonnie.

While dad was away at work we’d listen to 45’s of Chubby Checker and watch Tarzan on the little, round black & white TV.

One day Aunt Bonnie let me play with a set of translucent swizzle sticks. Each one had a different jungle animal on the end. Monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, and strangely enough, camels. I would hold each animal up to the sunlight streaming thru the window and marvel at the deep hues of translucent color. Dark mysterious blue. Intense deep red. Golden-lemon yellow. And pure jungle green.

It felt like my first introduction to beauty.

Aunt Bonnie also had whistles. Little plastic whistles shaped like boats, cars, and trains. They were pastel colors, very cute, and it was the first time I noticed that plastic toys had seams.

(My Lesson: Beauty comes in a variety of packages. And; observe, explore, beauty and ingenuity are everywhere.)


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