In the interest of getting to know who I am, I’m sharing stories from my life. I call them Preliminary Files and I hope you enjoy them.

dragonfly-1402456Grandpa took me fishing during the summer.

I followed him up the sun drenched creek. Rocks that were the size of pebbles to him were the size of bowling balls to me. I was small.

Grandpa got way ahead of me. I looked toward the bank of the creek and saw something black and frosty looking. Some kind of dull fruit on vines with hundreds of thousands of stickers (or thorns as they are often called). Later Grandpa would tell me they were black raspberries.

I decied to eat one to see what it tasted like. I was not prepared for such a burst of exotic flavor. A deep, pungent aura of lush sweetness and borderline tartness poured from the berries and swept over me. I partook of the food of the gods in that moment. I was convinced nothing could be more magical until I looked back toward the creek and saw my first dragonfly.

This particular model is known as a “Blue Tail Fly”. It is a light shade of turquoise blue with an intense metallic sheen. I watched his big eyes staring at me as he hovered and lighted on the tops of tall weeds and sticks. We had a moment as I continued chewing on my black raspberries.

(My Lesson: There is great magic surrounding us everywhere. We need only explore in order to find it. And; fishing is more about being in nature than catching fish.)


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