In the interest of getting to know who I am, I’m sharing stories from my life. I call them Preliminary Files and I hope you enjoy them.

SnowThe next day the storm had passed, but not without leaving two feet of fresh-fallen snow. 

I had never seen snow.

The snow was a blanket laid out across the land. So pure in its whiteness with every shadow baby blue and a universe of sun-glints sparkling with blinding magnitude.

What kind of magic was this? Just when I thought I could not thrill any higher, I turned and saw the icicles hanging from the roof. Great spears of glass reflecting the world though undulating blue and grey curves.

My dad broke one off and handed it to me. “What do I do?” I asked. “Why, you eat it like a popsicle.” he said. And I did.

(My Lesson: Even when nature does her worse, it ends back at beauty. And; oh, the colors!)


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