A Journal Entry—Where Does Inspiration Come From?


The Dreams and the Thoughts and the Daily Encounters have colluded to send a message replete with fresh ideas and perspectives on the shamanic act of creativity.

There are inspirations acting as touchstones. They exist in the fabric of our stories and our very awareness. They are, in all their obviousness however, hidden from view, as if there was a mandatory concealment; as if they were bound by tradition to never reveal themselves on the first pass.

Yet they are floodgate levers with a hair trigger. And once tapped, they release the knowing.

A strange and wonderful confidence comes gushing from a well whose opening is sealed from the senses.

“Here is the thing I must create!”

The clarion call issues all the parameters and imaginings necessary to launch and complete your project.

So it appears that inspiration comes from a place that cannot be known, yet is always at the ready. There is absolutely no shortage of it, just no visible way to find it ahead of time.

Comment and share your thoughts on inspiration.


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