A creative project is a baby…

It is first conceived by a loving relationship with the source of ideas. The idea wants to be born and thru a process of gestation, where the idea remains in the womb for a time so that it grows and gathers strength, it will be nurtured and tended to almost without your conscious attention.

There will come a time when the idea gains the amount of strength it needs to come out into the world. Sometimes there are complications, but everything is done to painstakingly make sure the idea survives the birthing process.

Eventually the idea comes to fruition and exists in our midst. We admire it and protect it and nurture it further so that it will one day leave our company and go out into the world on its own.

You are a creator, pregnant with ideas you’ve not yet discovered. They will come thru you your entire life. There is no menopause for ideas or creative projects. But if you recognize your sacred role in bringing them about and revel in their arrival, you will enjoy the process beyond your wildest dreams again and again.



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