What Does it Mean to Be Found & Altered?


In the lyrics of the famous gospel hymn, Amazing Grace, there is a line that reads: “I once was lost, but now am found”. I can relate to that. And I can take it a step further to say I was also altered. I believe we’re all Found & Altered to an extent.

We find ourselves, our true, authentic selves. It is the self not subject to peer group pressure. It is the self whose freedom is paramount to public opinion.

We get altered, first by social indoctrination which teaches us herd mentality. But we are further altered through our intuition and insight by finding our way back out of the labrynth into the clear, diamond-sharp light of our best, most genuine selves.

Now that we’re back, what do we do with our capricious, headstrong, rebellious selves?

We get to witness the fun and great magic of the world thru the act of creation. We get to join the Found & Altered School of Craft for Wayward Adults!


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