Why Someone Had to Invent the Found & Altered School of Craft for Wayward Adults


We currently don’t have air-conditioning. There are still holes in our ceiling from a Hickory tree that fell on the roof earlier this summer. Neither my wife nor I have sufficient income to pay our bills and it scares us at a deep level. We’ve shared our plight with the world thru facebook and GoFundMe and people have stepped up to help in big ways. We are grateful and we are faithful.

While the sacred space of our home is in disrepair, those are merely setbacks. Everyone has them, and ours really can’t hold a candle to some.

The hardest lesson in my life has been how to bounce back after a disaster. You know, be resilient and carry on living life. Now at age 58, I am discovering that learning how to bounce back is not going to help me if I don’t practice what I’ve learned. So now I am practicing.

I want to give adults the permission to be like kids again and to feel the exuberance and nirvana of creation.

My calling in life has always been creation. I love creating things. Don’t we all? I just happen to love it “in spades” (more than anything). And from the first time a kid on the playground gave me half his m&ms, I have believed that sharing is the ultimate thing a person can do. A way to create and share the act of creation with others has been sprouting and growing in me for decades.

But Dad told me NOT to become an artist because they starve. And society told me that only one in ten-thousand artists ever succeed at making a decent living. So I struggled (unnecessarily) because I bought into those beliefs without testing them.

Can I make a decent living by creating and sharing how to create? Will I really starve?

I’m ready to test those beliefs now and practice my calling. I’m ready to share the enthusiasm, the inspiration, and the tips and tricks of the trade. I want to teach people how to make things.
I want to give adults the permission to be like kids again and to feel the exuberance and nirvana of creation. I want to give affordable workshops that actually lift a person’s spirit and give them an awesome adventure! I want to explore the opportunity for us to join together and experience the great magic of the world through the act of creation. It is time for the wondrous plant of this idea to finally burst out in full bloom!

Such are just a few of the elements that brought into being the Found & Altered School of Craft for Wayward Adults. Come and learn how to be like a kid again! Bring your lost self to a workshop and see how you get found (and altered). And while you’re here, let’s talk about your calling.


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