On inspiration…


We say we want to be unlimited, yet we hold ourselves back like water behind a dam.

We have to be free. Without the knowledge, acceptance and total immersion in our own freedom, we cannot efficiently utilize inspiration. The fact that we are totally free, all the time with nothing constricting that freedom, nothing limiting it, nothing stopping, prohibiting, or denying it in any way is what opens the door to the Muse (the power of inspiration) and brings it into union with us.

Our own sense of freedom is tied to our ability to use inspiration in the way it was meant to be used because when we slam on the brakes for fear of danger of something (real or imagined), we halt forward progress… and inspiration is the embodiment of forward progress. It is the rabbit hole and is meant to be fallen headlong into rather than being avoided, restricted, or denied.

Recognize inspiration’s tie-ins to freedom and you begin to feel the onrush of unlimited potentiality and your ability to harness that intense power in the best of ways.

We are already free, we just don’t recognize it. All obligations are self-imposed. Every last one of them. They may spring from ethical behavior or they may just be programming from society’s indoctrination, but they are all chosen by us and not forced upon us at gunpoint. In order to experience true freedom and thereby have the greatest success with inspiration, we must wake up to this fact and take full responsibility for our own freedom.

Pull the cork from the dam. Better yet, blow the dam to smithereens, because the resulting flow is what we as creative people are after!