“I Have Someone I Want You to Meet”

One day I met God.

I come home from work, driving up our rather lengthy, mountainous driveway on a beautiful day, the mid-afternoon sun illuminating a pure blue sky. Suddenly I find it necessary to apply the brakes when I come upon seven or eight cars parked on the landing where I would normally turn left to descend down to my dad’s house. Just beyond this unexpected parking lot I see my friend Jeff coming around a car holding a clipboard and wearing a white lab coat.

Jeff is the biggest drug addict I know, and, knowing that my dad doesn’t like drug addicts, it is strange to see him on my dad’s property.

“Jeff”, I say, “what’s going on?”

“I’m helping the homeless people.” he says. Which again is odd, because my dad also doesn’t like homeless people. Jeff goes on…

“Your dad donated this top corner of the property to create a campground for the homeless.”

“What?!” I am flabbergasted. I scan the scene and see the homeless people and the volunteers helping to set up their tents. For a few seconds I stand there with all this racing thru my mind. Did my dad finally come around to a more compassionate place in his life? Jeff tears me out of my reverie when he says, “I have someone I want you to meet.”

I follow Jeff around some cars and we come upon what appears to be the sun (on earth). A light radiating so blazingly bright that I cannot look at it directly.

“Bobby, this is God.” Jeff says matter-of-factly.

I dive on the the ground, trembling in fear. But God says in a very calming voice, “Bobby, I’m not here for that.”

I stand up and dust myself off feeling relieved, but awfully curious. “What are you here for?” I ask.

“You know how you keep asking me what your purpose in life is? And how you keep wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life?”

“YES!” I shout. “I’m so glad you’ve paid attention to that question. Thank you!”

” Here’s your answer…” God says.

Now I’m so giddy at the prospect of finally receiving this answer, I just can’t contain myself.

“Yes…?” I say.

And God says, “When you wake up, I want you to write two lists…”

Wait, I think to myself, “when I wake up?” This is the first clue that I might be dreaming.

“On one list, write everything you love. Going all the way back as far as you can remember write everything you’ve ever loved. Not like, but truly love. On the other list, I want you to write everything you can do as well, if not better than anyone you know.”

It sounds simple. Easy enough to remember. I have a feeling I’ll be waking up any minute now…

“And then,” He says, “cross-reference the two and pick something. It’ll all make sense to you.”

And BOOM the dream was over. I popped up out of bed with my heart racing and grabbed my journal off the nightstand. I wrote and wrote and wrote and the only difficulty I had was not including the things I liked. I cheated and included them anyway, but later I would use a highlighter to differentiate the stuff I’ve always loved. The writing of the two lists works. Try it. I dare ya!


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